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Minnesota Orienteering Club


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Recent News

Upcoming Events

There are no more scheduled events this year. We will send an e-mail to the MNOC mailing list when the 2013 schedule is posted.

Winter Orienteering
Photo credit: Andrei Karpov
The Minnesota Orienteering Club is a group of orienteering enthusiasts volunteering their efforts to promote the enjoyment of their favorite sport within Minnesota and the neighboring areas of western Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This 501(c)3 non-profit organization sponsors many orienteering meets throughout the year. The meets are casual and you need no previous experience to participate. Click on the link to read more about our meets, including fees.

Please use the links at the left or the boxes at right to navigate our web site and learn more about the Minnesota Orienteering Club and the sport of Orienteering. Click on Schedule to see our upcoming events.

We hope to see you at a meet soon.

Winter Orienteering
Photo credit: Andrei Karpov

What is Orienteering?

Orienteering is the skill of finding your way through a series of checkpoints on an unfamiliar course using a map and a compass. Typically a course is set in a wilderness area and the participants are timed as they complete it.

Orienteering is a year round activity that attracts both recreational and competitive participants of all ages and abilities. Some people make a mad dash of it, testing their endurance as well as their ingenuity, trying to finish the course as quickly as possible; others prefer a more leisurely tour, content to find all the points while enjoying the beauties of nature. Read more about the sport of Orienteering.

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